Week 33 Wool Market Report


Week Ending 16 February 2018 (Week 33)

The AWEX EMI finished at 1812¢, 6¢ lower (-0.3%) in Australian currency and 17¢ higher (+1.2%) in US currency at sales

in Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle this week. The fall of 42¢ in the WMI was much greater, but was largely a correction

from the previous sale when it moved up by 22¢ more than the EMI did.

This week’s sale also featured wools of Tasmania origin in Melbourne on Tuesday. The fine wools with better specifications

were reported as being in keen demand.

42,519 bales were on offer nationally, compared with 39,582 bales last sale. 7.8% of the offering was passed in.

AWIS Wool Market Review Week 33

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