Week 02 Wool Market Review


Week Ending 13 July 2018 (Week 02)

The AWEX EMI finished at 1981¢, 13¢ lower (-0.7%) in Australian currency and 8¢ lower (-0.5%) in US currency in the last sale prior to the mid-year break at sales in Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle.

40,544 bales were on offer nationally, compared with 43,880 bales last sale.  8.5% of the offering was passed in.  This number is considered to be high, but is much lower than the value of 15.6% of last week when the EMI fell by 62¢, but was only just under 2000¢ at 1994¢.

AWEX reports that the value of the wool sold was $77.5 million ($2,089 per bale), taking the season total to $159.3 million.

AWIS Wool Market Review 13 July 2018 (Week 02)

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