Week 09 Wool Market Report

As is well known, Melbourne’s Thursday sale was transferred to Friday because of a major fire in a warehouse near the sale
rooms. Police evacuated people from all nearby businesses. We have calculated the Sale Closing prices as an average of
Thursday’s Northern and Western data and Friday’s Southern data.
The AWEX EMI finished 22¢ higher (+1.1%) on Friday in Australian currency and 1¢ higher (+0.1%) in US currency at
sales in Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle this week.
The fall in the WMI was because there was no sale in the previous week, when the EMI moved down by 48¢. The two week
falls in the two Indicators were -26¢ in the EMI and -24¢ in the WMI.
36,000 bales were on offer nationally, compared with 29,691 bales last sale. 2.7% of the offering was passed in.
AWEX reports that the value of the wool sold was $87.3 million ($2,493 per bale), taking the season total to $502.7 million.

AWIS Wool Market Review 31 August 2018 (Week 09)

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