Ethical Sustainable RWS Wool Supply

Genesys RWS Wool

The Responsible Wool Standard and Genesys, our RWS Program

Australian woolgrowers are some of the world’s best producers in the world, dedicated to their sheep and the land on which they graze.

In 2017, Fox & Lillie established Genesys, our specialised sustainable, ethical and traceable platform, on which carefully selected accreditation programs are promoted. The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is one such fully independent, accreditation platform that Genesys supports.

Responsible Wool Standard RWS

The Responsible Wool Standard is owned and managed by global non-profit, Textile Exchange, and is a voluntary standard focussed on recognising the best practices of farmers; ensuring that wool comes from farms that have a sustainable and progressive approach to managing their land, practice holistic respect for animal welfare of the sheep and respect the Five Freedoms of animal welfare.

Genesys is the leading proponent of the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) in Australia and one of the leaders worldwide, providing woolgrowers with a platform to demonstrate their best farming practices to the world and ensures a strong chain of custody as certified wool moves through the supply chain.

Genesys is supported by the Fox & Lillie Group’s operations of direct buying, brokering, exporting and early stage wool processing. This unique integration provides important supply and traceability benefits within the wool supply chain for both wool producers and end-users.

For brands and supply chain companies who wish to source RWS wool through our Genesys program, Fox & Lillie can work with nominated companies in your existing supply chain or connect you with other certified supply chain companies.

We believe Fox & Lillie is the best positioned to assist you with the procurement of suitable RWS wool to meet your specifications and needs. For any RWS enquiries please contact our trading team –

For woolgrowers wanting more information on how to become involved, please contact a Fox & Lillie wool representative.



Fox & Lillie’s processed wool is certified under the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, a worldwide, independent testing and certification system that tests for harmful substances based on the retrospective purpose of the textiles and materials.

OEKO-TEX assures manufacturers, sources, brands, retailers and consumers around the world that certified products meet the strict limit values for harmful substances of Standard 100 and that these substances are not present in critical concentrations.

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