Join us on one of our comprehensive and rewarding wool study tours

Fox & Lillie Rural offer clients the opportunity to participate in local and international wool study tours to gain industry information and insights beyond the farm gate.

Not only that, but the tours provide woolgrowers with the opportunity to meet and network with other likeminded growers and relevant wool industry identities.

Our domestic tours are scheduled regularly throughout the year, bringing groups from similar geographic areas down to Melbourne to tour various wool industry locations.

Our international tours take place every one to two years, exploring larger wool processing and textile manufacturing countries who are large users of wool, such as Europe, China, Vietnam and Argentina.

Fox & Lillie Rural tours are a valuable and enriching experience, tracing the journey of wool beyond the farm all the way to the final product, enabling clients to develop a better understanding of the various stages of the wool supply chain.

Woolgrowers who participate on these tours return with a greater understanding of their international customers and the different processes of the wool supply chain. In many cases, growers have even gone on to make changes to their farming practices which in turn, have resulted in greater profitability to their business.

Testimonials from clients who have attended tours:

We would like to thank Fox & Lillie for the opportunity to travel to China and witness first-hand the many ways in which Australian wool is used. To see raw wool from the bale processed into yarn, woven and then made into different types of fashion garments was very eye opening.

The whole experience broadened our understanding of the wool industry way beyond our farm gate.

Since returning we have made several changes to the way we operate our wool farming business on the basis of what we learned. We have tripled our merino ewe flock and have begun shearing every six months.

One of the highlights was the terrific group of like-minded woolgrowers that we were privileged to travel with; we would travel with any or all of you again in a heartbeat.
We would highly recommend any woolgrower taking advantage of a Fox & Lillie guided trip.

My experience of travelling to China, Vietnam and Hong Kong with Fox & Lillie Rural on their 2016 ‘Fleece to Fashion’ tour was not only highly informative but also a lot of fun!

We visited businesses and facilities that were highly indicative of every step in the different wool processing systems. This opportunity enhanced my knowledge of how the wool supply chain works from greasy wool right through to high quality fabrics and garments.

The accommodation, food, cultural experiences and sight-seeing were excellent and very well organised due to the meticulous planning put in by the team at Fox & Lillie Rural.

With Fox & Lillie’s extensive network of overseas clients and partners, our tours are unique.

View our upcoming events here or express your interest to your Fox & Lillie Rural representative.

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