Your wool growing expertise. Our wool marketing experience. Straightforward wool marketing options and sound wool marketing advice.

Fox & Lillie Rural is proud to offer Australian woolgrowers a range of comprehensive selling options, including direct wool buying and brokerage selling options, market advice and service to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome for their wool enterprise.

With our unique integration and support from Fox & Lillie’s export division, Fox & Lillie Rural’s wool-marketing options and services include Auction Selling, Direct Buying Options, Direct Mill Supply Contracts, Forward Wool Contracts, Price on AWTA Test Result (POR) and Wooltrade Internet Selling.

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Auction Selling

For those who wish to auction their wool clip, Fox & Lillie Rural operate in every Melbourne wool sale and can offer your wool in our weekly auction catalogue, providing maximum competition for your wool...
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Direct Buying

If the auction system does not suit you, bypass the auction and sell your wool direct to Fox & Lillie Rural
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Direct Mill Supply Contracts

The integration between Fox & Lillie export division and Fox & Lillie Rural provides important benefits to our woolgrower clients. Through our extensive range of domestic and international networks, Fox & Lillie Rural can organise...
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Forward Wool Contracts

A hedge on your wool is like a hedge around your house – protection against the elements. Fox & Lillie Rural offers a comprehensive price-risk management service for your wool, enabling you to plan future...
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Price on Test Result (POR)

Deliver your wool to one of Fox & Lillie Rural’s AWTA approved testing locations and get a Price on Result (POR) from leading export buyers. The POR allows growers who may wish to sell their...
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Wooltrade Internet Selling

Wooltrade is an internet-based wool marketing system and a valuable tool for both woolgrowers and buyers to efficiently buy and sell wool twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Wooltrade system is used...
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