Auction Selling

For those who wish to auction their wool clip, Fox & Lillie Rural operate in every Melbourne wool sale and can offer your wool in our weekly auction catalogue, providing maximum competition for your wool clip.

Fox & Lillie Rural’s transparent fixed-price wool brokerage service offers a competitive fixed fee so you won’t encounter any commissions or unexpected costs to auction your wool.

With the strong market position of Fox & Lillie’s trading division, our wool brokerage clients can always be assured of strong bidding competition on their wool at all auction sales.

Additional to our fixed-price wool brokerage and bidding support, our brokerage clients will receive the best possible advice on wool classing and clip preparation, as well as timing of auction selling to maximise their returns.

Our independent wool show floor is located in Laverton North, close to the Melbourne wool selling centre.

Deliver your wool to one of our AWTA approved testing facilities.

Other marketing options include Direct Buying, Direct Mill Supply Contracts, Forward Wool Contracts, Price on AWTA Test Result and Wooltrade Internet Selling.

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