Forward Wool Contracts

A hedge on your wool is like a hedge around your house – protection against the elements.

Fox & Lillie Rural offers a comprehensive price-risk management service for your wool, enabling you to plan future cash flow with certainty.

Clients can lock in a forward price up to two years ahead with our easy and transparent forward wool marketing platform, focused on minimising your price risk and maximising competition for your wool clip by using a combination of a fixed forward price and the traditional auction system.

Our Forward Wool Contracts provide insurance against the market falling providing risk management for your entire clip or part thereof.

Give yourself some peace of mind and get in touch with one of our marketing representatives for further information on how you can sell your wool forward and the benefits of how this service can work for you.

Other marketing options include Auction Selling, Direct Buying Options, Direct Mill Supply Contracts, Price on AWTA Test Result and Wooltrade Internet Selling.

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