Fox & Lillie is an Australian agribusiness, operating in the wool, aquaculture and seafood trading industries

Founded in 1948, the Fox & Lillie Group is a 100% Australian family-owned and operated agribusiness, with operations in wool, aquaculture and seafood trading.

Since its formation, Fox & Lillie’s core business has always been wool, until the company diversified their business during the 1990s and invested in the aquaculture industry.

Fox & Lillie is now a major shareholder in Yumbah Aquaculture, the largest land-based abalone farming operation in the southern hemisphere. Fox & Lillie also invested in Bay Sea Farms, a mussel farming operation in Victoria, along with the creation of Fisher Direct, a seafood trading business specialising in high-quality imported and domestic products.

Fox & Lillie operates two core businesses in wool. Fox & Lillie is the company’s wool trading and export business, and Fox & Lillie Rural is the company’s rural services business.

Fox & Lillie trading and export division (FOXM), based in South Melbourne, is one of the top three buyers and exporters of Australian wool. With global networks that have been built over 70 years, Fox & Lillie supplies all types of greasy wool and processed wool to all established and emerging wool consuming countries throughout the world.

Fox & Lillie Rural (FLR) is the dynamic and progressive direct wool buying and wool brokerage arm of the company, with an extensive network of regional branches and representatives connecting the company to a large cross section of Australian woolgrowers.

Fox & Lillie Rural is unique in that its key personnel and managers have all had auction buying and trading experience.

Fox & Lillie Rural is committed to delivering our woolgrower clients a comprehensive range of innovative wool-marketing products and services. The successful integration of the two businesses, Fox and Lillie trading and Fox & Lillie Rural, provides important benefits to the company’s woolgrower clients and export customers.

The collaboration between the two companies sets Fox & Lillie apart from all others, and with an extensive range of domestic and international networks, the woolgrower and the end user are now closer together than ever before.

It has been Fox & Lillie’s quest to break down the barriers which historically existed between wool producers, wool processors and wool consumers, by openly sharing their knowledge, expertise and information.

Through a combination of integrity, resolve, foresight, innovative strategy and great staff, Fox & Lillie has grown and diversified to become a substantial agribusiness and a benchmark in the Australian wool industry.

For a more detailed history on Fox & Lillie please see About Fox & Lillie.