Your wool growing expertise, our wool marketing experience. Straightforward wool marketing options and sound wool marketing advice.

Fox & Lillie Rural is proud to offer Australian woolgrowers a range of innovative selling options, including direct wool buying and wool brokerage selling options, market advice and service to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome for their enterprise.

With our unique integration and support from Fox & Lillie’s export division, Fox & Lillie Rural’s marketing options and services include weekly Wool Auction Selling, Direct Wool Buying Options, Direct Wool Supply Contracts, Forward Wool Contracts, Price on AWTA Test Result (POR) and Wooltrade Internet Selling.

Fox & Lillie RuralWool marketing options & advice
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Auction Selling

For those who wish to auction their wool clip, Fox & Lillie Rural operate in every Melbourne wool sale and can offer your wool in our weekly auction catalogue, providing maximum competition for your wool clip.

Fox & Lillie Rural’s transparent fixed-price wool brokerage service offers a competitive fixed fee so you won’t encounter any commissions or unexpected costs to auction your wool.

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With the strong market position of Fox & Lillie’s export division, our wool brokerage clients can always be assured of strong bidding competition on their wool at all auction sales.

Additional to our fixed-price wool brokerage and bidding support, our brokerage clients will receive the best possible advice on wool classing and clip preparation, as well as timing of auction selling to maximise their returns.

Our independent wool showfloor is located in Laverton North, close to the Melbourne wool selling centre.

Deliver your wool to one of our AWTA approved testing facilities.

Bales of wool in storeroom.
Direct Wool Buying

If the auction system does not suit you, bypass the auction and sell your wool direct to Fox & Lillie Rural.

Direct Store Wool Buying

Fox & Lillie can provide you with an obligation-free quote for your entire clip or your butts and bags at any of our Direct Wool Buying Stores.

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With multiple wool stores located throughout Victoria and New South Wales, Fox & Lillie Rural takes the fuss and cost out of delivery.

Once your wool is purchased, payment is made on the spot or into your nominated bank account according to your terms and requirements.

Find your nearest Direct Wool Buying Store where one of our experienced and friendly staff will look after your needs.

On-Farm Wool Buying

As an extension of our store buying operations and in conjunction with Fox & Lillie export, Fox & Lillie Rural can provide an on-farm obligation free quote for your entire wool clip or part thereof by utilising our fixed-price grid option.

Our on-farm wool buying service eliminates the risk of price fluctuations that can occur between delivery and auction sale.

Sheep in a paddock in rural Victoria.
Direct Wool Supply Contracts

The integration between Fox & Lillie export and Fox & Lillie Rural provides important benefits to our woolgrower clients.

Through our extensive range of domestic and international networks, Fox & Lillie Rural can organise complete processing batches direct from farm to overseas mills, providing woolgrowers with traceability and bridging the gap between woolgrowers and end users.

Our Direct Wool Supply Contracts are undertaken as a fixed price grid contract.

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Forward Wool Contracts

A hedge on your wool is like a hedge around your house – protection against the elements.

Fox & Lillie Rural offers a comprehensive price-risk management service for your wool, enabling you to plan future cash flow with certainty.

Clients can lock in a forward price up to two years ahead with our easy and transparent forward wool marketing platform, focused on minimising your price risk and maximising competition for your wool clip by using a combination of a fixed forward price and the traditional auction system.

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Our Forward Wool Contracts provide insurance against the market falling providing risk management for your entire clip or part thereof.

Give yourself some peace of mind and get in touch with one of our wool marketing representatives for further information on how you can sell your wool forward and the benefits of how this service can work for you.

Sustainable Wool Contracts – Genesys

Fox & Lillie have established Genesys, a specialised sustainable, ethical and traceable platform which brings together Australian woolgrowers into an accredited alliance.

The first and key platform of Genesys is the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), a voluntary and global standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on.

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Genesys provides woolgrowers who have made the transition to an RWS compliant farm business model, an opportunity to differentiate their wool and connect with leading brands around the world.

Supported by Fox & Lillie’s operations of wool buyer, brokering, export and early stage processing, Genesys can provide a number of marketing opportunities for your wool enterprise.

For more information on Genesys, please speak to one of our wool marketing representatives.

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Price on Result (POR)

Deliver your wool to one of Fox & Lillie Rural’s AWTA approved testing locations and get a Price on Result (POR) from leading export buyers.

The POR allows growers who may wish to sell their wool quickly or sell their wool in a non-sale week and receive immediate payment.

Our experienced staff will guide you through the POR process which is based on the actual results of your tested wool.

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A price will be offered on your wool and if approved following a discussion with your FLR marketing representative, immediate payment is available accompanied by the full AWTA test results and weights.

Find out where our Testing Locations are and get your wool tested.

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Wooltrade Internet Selling

Wooltrade is an internet-based wool marketing system and a valuable tool for both woolgrowers and buyers to efficiently buy and sell wool twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The Wooltrade system is used by all auction buyers and enables tested lots of wool to be offered for sale at a reserved price set by the grower. This gives growers the ability to have a greater influence on the price they want to achieve for their wool.

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Wooltrade advantages with Fox & Lillie Rural:

  • Wool is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
  • You can take immediate advantage of price spikes, with changes in reserves and sale instructions taking immediate effect
  • Your wool has exposure to national and international buyers, which increases competition and the price you can gain for your clip
  • Wool can be sold in consignment and grower parcel lots

Get in touch with one of our Wool Marketing Representatives for further information on how you can use Fox & Lillie Rural’s Wooltrade Internet Selling to your advantage.