Aquaculture and seafood.

Additional to our wool businesses, the Fox & Lillie Group has diversified into the aquaculture industry, meat and seafood wholesale business, and online business to consumer retail platform.

Yumbah Aquaculture – abalone, mussels, oysters and oyster spat

Since its beginning, Fox & Lillie has focussed predominately on the woollen industry, operating in wool trading, exporting, buying and brokerage.

During the 1990s, Fox & Lillie diversified their business and invested in the aquaculture industry. This company of which Fox & Lillie is a major shareholder is now known as Yumbah Aquaculture, the largest land based Abalone farm in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Starting with one abalone farm on a green field site in Portland, Victoria, Yumbah now owns and operates land based abalone farms in Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island in South Australia and Bicheno in Tasmania. Yumbah is now the largest abalone farming enterprise in the southern hemisphere.

The company continues to build on its abalone farming experience to become Australia’s leading shellfish aquaculture company. The business today comprises of operations in Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia, farming abalone, oysters and mussels for both the domestic and international consumer markets, as well as oyster spat for the South Australian oyster industry.

To read more about the company, please visit the Yumbah website.

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Matchless Food – business to business retailer

In conjunction with Fox & Lillie’s investments in Aquaculture, Fox & Lillie are involved in a sustainable, traceable and high-quality meat and seafood wholesale business.

The Matchless Food team has experience and knowledge that has been built over many years in the seafood and meat industry working across domestic and international sales, purchasing, importing, exporting and distribution.

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The success of the Matchless Food business is our focus on quality products and meeting the needs of our customers, always.

For more information on our wholesale business, please visit the Matchless Food website.

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Terra Mare Prime – business to consumer retailer

Terra Mare Prime is an online food retail business and pride themselves in only selecting the very best of the best.

Our passion is to bring you food the way it is supposed to be from farmers, producers and fisheries that share this passion.

That’s why we’ve roamed the world to bring you the finest meats and sensational seafood.

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Every product you get from us will be of the highest quality with a uniqueness that only comes from a company that loves food as much as we do.

For more information or to purchase from the online store, please visit the Terra Mare Prime website.

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