With extensive experience, Fox & Lillie supplies all types of greasy wool and processed wool to all established and emerging wool consuming countries throughout the world

Fox & Lillie is one of the largest buyers and exporters of Australian wool and a major buyer of wool from other countries, supplying all types of greasy wool and processed wool.

Our experienced trading team attends and purchases wool at auction selling centres across Australia, as well as sourcing wool directly through our direct buying operation, Fox & Lillie Rural, which has buying stores and wool marketing representatives located throughout Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

As well as our trading and export operations, Fox & Lillie is also involved in wool processing. In 2006 Fox & Lillie invested and established with a group of Chinese investors, a specialised open top factory in China, called OTCL.

OTCL is now an industry leader in specialised, high quality open tops which it supplies to end users around the world. OTCL is an important part of Fox & Lillie’s business, with virtually all of Fox & Lillie open tops produced at the plant.

At Fox & Lillie, we take pride in our reputation and partnerships, consistently delivering an honest and reliable service. With the successful integration of Fox & Lillie export and Fox & Lillie Rural, our business provides important network benefits to our export customers and to our woolgrower clients.

With our extensive experience from over 70 years in the industry, we strive to exceed your expectations and meet your wool sourcing requirements.

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