Fox & Lillie X Glenbrae Woollen Jumpers

Recently, Fox & Lillie partnered with one of its long-standing clients Glenbrae, a family owned business based in England to produce a collection of Fox & Lillie X Glenbrae Woollen Jumpers.

Glenbrae is a family owned business based in Spa Mill, England; a country which was at the forefront of quality textile manufacturing during the industrial revolution in the early 1800’s.

For many years now, Glenbrae has been a valued client of Fox & Lillie, buying 20.5 micron best colour open-top lambswool.

As a result of the close relationship between Fox & Lillie and Glenbrae, the two companies went on to produce a small line of Fox & Lillie X Glenbrae Woollen Jumpers, produced from wool directly sourced through Fox & Lillie Rural’s clients.

Clients, Peter and Tara from Brippick (pictured with Charlie White), were one of the clients that had ten bales of their 20.5 micron lambswool purchased by Fox & Lillie that went directly into producing the line of woollen jumpers, which can be seen on them in the picture.

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