Unlocking traceability in the wool supply chain

Courtney Holm, A.BCH, Stephen Morris-Moody, MTK Australia and Mark Ritchie, Delatite Station

Unlocking traceability in the supply chain isn’t always easy with the various processes and many hands that wool is passed between, from on-farm wool production right through to the final garment being created. Each raw material process is complicated and specialised to say the least.

But this challenge is opportunity for Fox & Lillie and its woolgrower and wool buyer client base. Fox & Lillie founded the largest traceable wool programme in Australia called Genesys, certified under the Responsible Wool Standard and connects with fashion and upholstery brands both here in Australia and internationally.

As a result, some interesting partnerships have formed with a recent one feeling closer to home.

With such a huge percentage of wool exported overseas for manufacturing and consumption, it was quite special that Fox & Lillie was able to work with an Australian fabric manufacturer and a fashion brand who are both based in Melbourne, and connect back to the woolgrowers who supplied them through the Genesys programme.

Fox & Lillie took circular fashion label, A.BCH and bespoke knit fabric designer and manufacturer, MTK Australia to visit Delatite Station in Mansfield, Victoria, one of the farms who went into supplying A.BCH’s thermal woollen garments, through Fox & Lillie’s Genesys programme.

A.BCH woollen thermal garments produced from Genesys supplied wool.

It’s not often that so many members of various stages of the supply chain have the opportunity to come together to discuss the industry and its challenges and opportunities and Courtney Holm, the founder of A.BCH was inspired by the visit to Mark and Fenella at Delatite Station.

“There’s nothing quite like visiting the birth place of these fibres to understand how our garments came to be.

The origin of a fibre is so important to me and for A.BCH and our customers, so having the opportunity to visit Delatite Station and learn about their practises and passion for responsible wool farming was nothing short of magical and educational.”

For wool producers, like Mark from Delatite Station, the connection with a brand on the other end of the supply chain is the missing piece of the jigsaw.

“Only through talking to a brand such as A.BCH, are we able to fully appreciate the amazing passion they have for their product and understand what drives their business. It really reinforces our appreciation for what we do and being involved in the Genesys RWS programme.”

Fox & Lillie Rural’s National Wool Brokerage Manager, Eamon Timms said “we are constantly endeavouring to deliver opportunities like these for our woolgrowers and also provide suitable connections for downstream wool users.

We look forward to more positive outcomes in the future as more members of the supply chain come together and work collaboratively.”

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