Daryl Deuter joins the Fox & Lillie Rural team as a Wool Marketing Representative in South Australia

Fox & Lillie Rural welcomes Daryl Deuter to the team

We are very pleased to welcome Daryl Deuter to the Fox & Lillie Rural team taking on the role of our South Australian Wool Marketing Representative.

With over forty years’ experience, Daryl is well credentialed in the wool industry. With extensive knowledge of wool scouring and carbonizing, wooltop combing, wool testing, quality control, wool buying and brokering, Daryl will make a great addition to the Fox & Lillie Rural team.

Eamon Timms, Fox & Lillie Rural’s National Brokerage Manager said “We are delighted to welcome Daryl to the Fox & Lillie team and his depth of experience and great attitude will ensure he becomes a tremendous resource for

woolgrowers who want the best service and marketing advice.”

Daryl said the decision to join Fox & Lillie Rural will strengthen his ability to service woolgrowers in the South Australian area who have the support of Fox & Lillie export, Fox & Lillie Rural’s parent company and one of the top wool buyers in Australia.

“With the integration of Fox & Lillie export, our rural business connects directly with processors which provides important selling advantages, market intelligence and enhance the service offering to woolgrowers in South Australia.”

Fox & Lillie Rural pride themselves on their outstanding service and innovative marketing. The company has developed a very strong presence in wool brokerage services over the last fifteen years and look forward to continuing to provide a sound and professional service to South Australian woolgrowers.

Fox & Lillie have a good presence at the weekly wool auctions plus offer a wide range of selling alternatives. Alternative methods include their weekly Price-On-Result tender sale, privately negotiated sales, Wooltrade 24/7 offer board and Direct Mill Contracts.

Fox & Lillie have also established the largest sustainable and traceable wool program, Genesys, which provides important network benefits and access to global markets, connecting woolgrowers with some of the world’s leading brands.

More than ever, fashion brands and processors want to connect directly with woolgrowers and communicate on their fibre sourcing to highlight the sustainable attributes associated with wool and Fox & Lillie is well positioned to develop this woolgrower and brand partnership.

Daryl “I look forward to working with woolgrowers in the South Australian region and delivering healthy returns and better marketing opportunities for sheep enterprises.”

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