How to apply fly products workshops

Delta Ag will be holding two Fly Product Application Workshops this October. The workshops will provide a “hands on” demonstration so that everyone can get an understanding of how to apply products properly.

Dr Claire Hunt and Alison Kelleher from Troy Animal Healthcare will present a practical demonstration along with thee Delta Ag team and Fox & Lillie Rural team.

Fly Product Application Workshop Dates

Workshop 1: Yerong Creek,Monday 24th October, 11AM – 1PM.

See flyer: Henty & Yerong Creek Workshop Invite

At the Mollroy family property “Ellwood”, 1210 Vincent Road, Yerong Creek

RSVP by Wednesday 19th October to Delta Ag Henty: 02 6929 3415, or Yerong Creek 02 6920 3557

BBQ lunch provided.

Henty Yerong Grower Invite

Workshop 2: Euberta, Wednesday 26th October, 11AM – 1PM.

See flyer: Wagga & Coolamon Workshop Invite

At Edyvean family property “Gunyah”, 225 Cobdens Road, Euberta.

RSVP by Wednesday 19th October to Delta Ag Wagga: 02 6971 7100 or Delta Ag Coolamon: 02 6927 3189

BBQ lunch provided

Wagga Coolamon Invite