Fields Knitwear Traceable Wool Project

Fox & Lillie Rural recently supported Australian brand, Fields Knitwear, in a traceable wool project, connecting back to woolgrowers who supplied wool to their Australian Merino Knitwear range.

The traceable wool project is part of a larger scale campaign for the Fields Knitwear brand called #thankawoolgrower, which aims to recognise and celebrate all the hard work Australian wool growers do in producing a high-quality wool product suited to the quality of knitwear they produce.

Established over 50 years ago, Fields Knitwear has been a leading manufacturer and business-to-business supplier of Australian and New Zealand fashion and corporate knitwear. Nowadays, the company designs, develops, and manufactures for six independent in-house brands, as well as manufacturing knitwear for several major retailers and brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Lavina Smith, the Sales and Marketing Director at Fields Knitwear, describes their business as having an open and transparent connection with all facets of their manufacturing.

“We were very fortunate and grateful to be able to connect the dots back through the wool supply chain, with the support of our trusted suppliers. Fox & Lillie Rural have the ability to add value and insights to client relationships and partnerships, further cementing a strong sense of connection and community in the Australian wool industry.”

Like Fox & Lillie Rural, Fields Knitwear values transparency and traceability at the forefront of their business, understanding what the customers want. They feel strongly about supporting the Australian wool industry by building awareness in the supply chain and giving significant recognition to Australian wool growers and wool brokers.

To show their support, Fields Knitwear’s ‘Fields on Tour Team’ have been visiting wool growers across Australia who are a part of their supply chain, stopping at one of Fox & Lillie Rural’s growers, the Graham Family, who produce Australian Merino wool.

Fields Knitwear
Adrian Tuohey, Darren Elliot and Colin Graham

Colin and Kaye Graham have lived in the Loddon Valley region their entire lives with a long family history in agriculture. Colin is a fourth-generation farmer, running a mixed farming enterprise and is dedicated to his work and his Merino sheep flock.

Fox & Lillie Rural was proud to support Fields Knitwear to achieve traceability on their wool supply chain. Darren Elliot, the General Manager of Fields Knitwear, and Lavina were both eager to participate in a traceable wool campaign and thrilled with sharing their ‘farm-to-fashion’ stories.

With personal ties to farming, Lavina comes with a breadth of knowledge and passion for the fashion and wool industry. “I am proud to be working with Australian farmers and wool brokers, there is a true sense of community spirit that is hard to describe in words; it’s a feeling and a connection with a sense of belonging,” says Lavina.

Fox & Lillie Rural Wool Marketing Representative, Adrian Tuohey, also saw great value in connecting with Fields Knitwear and enjoyed discussing the future of traceable wool in Australia. “Wool growers have been really receptive to the #thankawoolgrower campaign. The Graham family loved being recognised for their hard work and were extremely thrilled to meet Darren and Lavina from Fields Knitwear and see their Merino wool being made into high quality knitwear.”

Connecting with Fields Knitwear has been a great partnership for Fox & Lillie Rural, who continue to support and celebrate our hard working and dedicated Australian wool growers.