Fox & Lillie 2023/2024 Longerenong Scholarships Awarded

The Fox & Lillie Group is proud to announce the recipients of the 2023/2024 Fox & Lillie Longerenong College Scholarship.

Charlotte Cain from Carisbrook, Victoria, and Patria Lees from Ullswater, Victoria were each awarded a Fox & Lillie Scholarship worth $5,000. These scholarships will provide financial assistance towards their tuition fees over the two-year course period at the college.

Fox & Lillie has been working with Longerenong College for seven years now as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to attract more young people into the agriculture industry, particularly in wool.

Charlotte Cain, Andrew Hendy And Patria Lees
Charlotte Cain, Andrew Hendy, and Patria Lees.

“We are excited to help support the next generation coming into the agribusiness industry. Longerenong College, and other agriculture colleges and universities, are providing students with excellent training in the rural sector, and it’s promising to see there is growing interest in the industry.” said Fox & Lillie Rural Managing Director, Jonathan Lillie.

Both Charlotte and Patria were drawn to the scholarship because it offered them an opportunity to gain exposure to the wool industry beyond the farm gate.

“I became aware of the Fox & Lillie Rural Longerenong Scholarship prior to enrolling at Longerenong College. My teacher in high school was the one who brought the scholarship to my attention, because it aligned with my interests and would be a great opportunity for me to pursue.” said Charlotte.

Patria Lees said the scholarship will be able to help grow her knowledge in wool. “I’ve always had an interest in wool and so when I found out about the Fox & Lillie Rural Scholarship, I thought it would be a good opportunity to gain experience with the Fox & Lillie Group.”

As part of the scholarships, Charlotte and Patria will undertake four weeks of work placement at the Fox & Lillie Group, designed to provide hands-on industry training and exposure to the various career opportunities in wool.

Avril Hogan, the General Manager at Longerenong College said that for the students, work placement was just as valuable as the financial support.

“The level of support Fox & Lillie provide to the students at Longerenong College is to be commended. The time and care afforded the students by the entire Fox & Lillie team cannot be understated. Mentoring the students and sharing their career and industry experience is a valuable gift to the students, and the industry. We are so grateful to have Jonathan Lillie and the entire Fox & Lillie team as supporters of the College.”

Industry placement takes place in the second year of study for the students, taking place at the Fox & Lillie Group’s two main wool businesses, Fox & Lillie and Fox & Lillie Rural. The students will gain a range of experience designed to show the various processes that take place once wool leaves the farm gate. This includes experience in store door wool buying, wool marketing, showfloor logistics and the wool auctions, as well as experience in wool trading and exporting.

“I’m really looking forward to undertaking industry placement. The placement will provide me with experience in the industry and a better understanding of the wool supply chain, and the chance to build networks.” said Charlotte.

The Fox & Lillie scholarship received several impressive submissions from Longerenong this year, so the company decided to provide three additional students with the opportunity to undertake industry placement.

Jonathan Lillie said, “we wish the students all the best for their studies at Longerenong College and we look forward to welcoming them for work placement next year.”

Avril Hogan, Andrew Hendy, Angus Whitehand, Charlotte Cain, Patria Lees, Angus Hawkins And Craig Mackley