Fleece to Fashion – Wool Study Tour

Fox & Lillie Rural Wool Study Tour June 2017
China & Vietnam

The 2016 Tour Group.

Testimonials from clients who have attended past tours:

 “My experience of travelling to China, Vietnam and Hong Kong with Fox and Lillie Rural on their 2016 Fleece to Fashion tour was not only highly informative but also a lot of fun!
We visited businesses and facilities that were indicative of every step in the different wool processing systems. This opportunity enhanced my knowledge of how the wool supply chain works from greasy wool right through to high quality fabrics and garments.
The accommodation, food, cultural experiences and sight-seeing were excellent and very well organised due to the meticulous planning put in by the team at Fox and Lillie Rural.”

“We would like to thank Fox & Lillie for the opportunity to travel to China and witness first-hand the many ways in which Australian wool is used. To see raw wool from the bale be processed into yarn, woven and then made into top end fashion garments, socks, felt or state of the art sportswear was very eye opening. The whole experience definitely broadened our understanding of the wool industry way beyond our farm gate.
Since returning we have made several changes to the way we operate the wool arm of our farming business on the basis of what we learned. We have tripled our merino ewe flock and will now shear every six months. We would highly recommend any woolgrower taking advantage of a Fox & Lillie guided trip.
One of the highlights was the terrific group of like-minded wool growers that we were privileged to travel with as well as Fox & Lillie’s Eamon Timms and Jenni Turner, we would travel with any or all of you again in a heartbeat.”

Brief Overview:

We are pleased to announce that Fox & Lillie Rural are planning a two-week wool tour to China and Vietnam for June 2017.

At Fox & Lillie Rural, we pride ourselves for the breadth of our educational overseas tours, and we are excited to extend our visit once again to China, and to Vietnam, a country that is continuing to develop a strong interest in their use of wool.

The tour will explore each step of the wool journey and the many ways in which wool is used, answering all those questions you might have ever had about what happens to your wool once it leaves the farm.

Our extensive network from our exporting division Fox & Lillie offers access and information like no other tour, ensuring a unique and valuable experience that will last you a lifetime.

Additional to the tour of wool, there will be lots of opportunities along the way to experience the historical and cultural sites of both China and Vietnam.


For more information or an expression of interest please contact your FLR Rep or Eamon Timms as soon as possible.

Eamon Timms, Wool Brokerage Manager

Phone: 0419 308 129

Email: eamon@flrural.com.au