The Heritage of Wool Tour 2018

Please note The Heritage of Wool Tour 2018 is now full. Please get in touch with one of our representatives to express your interest for any future study tours. 

Fox & Lillie Rural is excited to offer you the opportunity to join us on our 2018 The Heritage of Wool Tour.

Fox & Lillie Rural’s tours are unique and enriching as a result of our company’s extensive history of over 70 years in the wool industry and a strong overseas network fostered through our parent company, Fox & Lillie export.

The Heritage of Wool tour will take place over 15-days, sending a group of 20-30 wool growers from around Australia over to the United Kingdom and Italy, where they will trace the journey of wool from farm gate right through to the final product.

The tour will explore a variety of woollen mills, many of which have a heritage in wool dating back many hundreds of years.

The tour will also include visits to fashion houses and iconic, cultural landmarks whilst soaking up the rich and vibrant culture offered by the United Kingdom and Italy.

Wool growers who have participated on our previous tours have returned with a greater understanding of their international customers and the range of processes of the woollen supply chain.

In many cases, growers have gone on to make changes to their farming practices from the knowledge they gained, which has resulted in greater profitability to their business.

Fox & Lillie Rural Heritage of Wool Tour 2018

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