Fox & Lillie SCAA Shearer Woolhandler Training Scholarship

Fox & Lillie Rural has engaged with SCAA Shearer Woolhandler Training Inc. to assist with combating the shortage of shearers in the industry through training shearers and promoting the industry.

The Shearer and Woolhandler Training Inc. is a not for profit organisation providing specialised training in wool, shearing and agricultural in the wool harvesting sector.

Fox & Lillie Rural’s Managing Director, Jonathan Lillie said “we are very pleased to be able to assist a great training organisation such as SCAA Shearer Woolhandler Training. Their training staff are highly committed to the industry and making shearing and wool handling more professional.”

Jonathan said “we’re seeing first-hand, the issues associated with the shortages of wool handlers and shearers in the industry and Fox & Lillie is committed in trying to improve this situation.”

Part of this support includes a $3,000 Fox & Lillie Rural training scholarship with The Shearer Woolhandler Training Inc, designed to support students seeking a long-term career in the areas of shearing and wool handling.

The recipient of the Fox & Lillie Rural Scholarship was awarded to Blake Dridan, a young and upcoming shearer working with Central Shearing Ballarat.

SCAA Shearer Woolhandler Training Inc.’s Executive Officer, Chris Radcliffe said “we are absolutely thrilled to see Blake Dridan receive the 2018 Fox & Lillie Training Scholarship. Without the ongoing support of industry leaders such as Fox & Lillie, people such as Blake may never receive the skills training necessary for a sustainable and rewarding career.”

“We look forward to supporting Blakes training pathway and we have no doubt he will make a significant impact in the industry.”

If you are interested in shearer or wool handling training, please visit for more information.

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