Fox & Lillie proudly supports Nathan Anderton as he heads off on his adventure of a lifetime

Fox & Lillie is proudly sponsoring Nathan Anderton, who is heading off on an adventure of a lifetime and attempting to climb Mount Everest over the course of the next two months. Nathan is related to the Lillie family and is Jonathan Lillie’s nephew.

Nathan departed for Mount Everest base camp this week, first assembling in Nepal along with another five members of the team who are being led by mountain guiding company, Adventure Consultants.

Included in his extensive list of equipment, Nathan will also be wearing two technical wool garments, produced by Rapha, a brand specialising in innovative sportswear. The Rapha garments are made from 17.5-micron 105GSM fabric, with a 60% Merino and 40% Polyester blend and are produced by one of Fox & Lillie’s global supply chain partners in the US, from wool sourced through Fox & Lillie’s Genesys program, certified under Responsible Wool Standard.

The conditions expected around this time of year is pre-monsoon, which typically will give the best chance of success however there is contingency built into the schedule to allow for bad weather. Garments with a blend of Merino and Polyester were recommended for their thermal and wicking properties, and will provide warmth and moisture drying properties, as well as protection from the sun.

Nathan said he had always had an interest in Mount Everest which stemmed from watching documentaries as a child. He has been on other climbs as well including an expedition to Mt. Denali in Alaska, and Mt. Aconcagua in South America. Nathan however said that the final turning point for him was after reading the book ‘Into Thin Air’ by Jon Krakar, and twelves year ago, Nathan made the decision that he would climb Mount Everest.

He had originally set himself a ten-year timeline to undertake extensive training and preparation to give himself the best opportunity to complete the climb, but this timeline ended up being pushed out to twelve-years as a result of the pandemic. Training included regular intensive exercise with a combination of strength and cardio sessions, gym stepper training with mountain boots and weighted vest, outdoor hikes with weighted vests, and two months of altitude training in the lead-up to departure.

Nathan said the challenges he will face over the next two months is being away from his family, the altitude at >8000metres and how this will impact the body, as well as and remaining healthy in Nepal to maximise the chance to reach the summit. The date of the summit attempt will depend on the weather window and the health and strength of the expedition team members.

Fox & Lillie will provide updates on Nathan’s climb as he goes. You can follow the journey on the website, under dispatches. We are proud to support Nathan achieve his goal of a lifetime and we wish him all the best as he takes on Mount Everest.

Nathan wearing Rapha wool garments
Nathan wearing his Rapha wool garment and Fox & Lillie wool hat as he prepares for the Mount Everest expedition.
Nathan Anderton is front of Mount Everest
Nathan Anderton is front of Mount Everest
The Adventure Consultant Mount Everest team
The Adventure Consultant Mount Everest team
Wearing wool to climb Mount Everest
The team on their way!