Fox & Lillie sponsors the Great Australian BBQ at the 93rd IWTO Congress

Fox & Lillie is a proud partner of the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) 2024 Congress, co-sponsoring the Great Australian BBQ event with Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA). The 93rd IWTO Congress will be hosted at Adelaide Oval in Adelaide, from the 15-18th April 2024.

Guests attending The Great Australian BBQ will be treated to a selection of seafood supplied by Yumbah Aquaculture, one of Australia’s leading shellfish aquaculture companies. The Fox & Lillie Group is a major shareholder in Yumbah Aquaculture, who have operations in South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania.

It was during the wool industry’s challenging period in the 1990’s that Fox & Lillie diversified their business and invested in the aquaculture industry. Yumbah Aquaculture is now Australia’s leading shellfish aquaculture company, farming abalone, oysters, and mussels for both the domestic and international consumer markets, as well as oyster spat for the south Australian oyster industry.

With Australia being the world’s largest wool producer and exporter, IWTO said that it was only fitting for the Congress to be hosted in Australia and will provide an opportunity to showcase one of the country’s largest wool growing states of South Australia.

South Australia is the central hub of Yumbah Aquaculture so the Congress provided a unique opportunity to link the Fox & Lillie and Yumbah businesses at the one event, where guests can experience and taste Australian seafood cooked over fire and flames.

The Fox & Lillie Group has been embedded in wool since 1948 and celebrated their 75th company anniversary last year. The company has been attending IWTO’s annual Congress for over two decades, which, each year provides a meeting point for the global wool industry, bringing together woolgrowers, traders, primary processors, spinners, weavers, garment manufacturers, retailers and other various companies involved in the international wool supply chain.

The Great Australian BBQ sponsored by Fox & Lillie and AWTA will be one of the main events at the IWTO, showcasing Australia’s hospitality and entertaining guests with a smoke and fire barbecue culinary experience.

Fox & Lillie sponsors IWTO Congress