Week 39 Wool Market Review

Week Ending 26 March 2021 (Week 39)
The AWEX EMI finished 8¢ higher (+0.6%) in Australian currency and 23¢ lower (-2.3%) in US currency at sales in Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle in Week 39 in a market that was influenced by a falling US Exchange Rate.
38,564 bales were on offer nationally, compared with 48,409 bales last sale. 9.4% of the offering was passed in after 13.2% of the potential offering was withdrawn prior to sale, leaving 34,942 bales as sold. It was the first sale since the first week of February in which less than 40,000 bales were on offer.
AWEX reports that the value of the wool sold was $50.5 million ($1,445 per bale), taking the season total to $1.442 billion ($1,358 per bale). The number of bales sold at auction this season is now 6.7% greater than in 2019/20.

AWIS Wool Market Review 26 March 2021 (Week 39)

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